peter kutin daniel lercher florian kindlinger


21st century´s chamber music
using the laptop in combination with various acoustic instruments, building up drone layers in their own unique manner with a focus on timbre, resonance and vibration. the live-performances of the trio appear ceremonial in their dedication to the sensation of listening. releases an concerts, field recordings and soundscapestudies __________
they use and play electric and acoustic guitars, organ, harmonica, various flutes, cymbals, laptops, vibraphone, effects - especially too much reverb -, (prepared) piano, radio, trumpet, bells, gongs, saxophone, clocks, various toyinstruments, ebows, singing bowls, voices, bows, piezzos, microphones, feedbacks, fieldrecordings, kalimba, maultrommel, tabaco, glockenspiel, glasses, klangoliven, vocals, videocameras, their ears, floortom, snare drum, harmonium, any kind of objects, darkness, patience, silence, solitude; ivana primorac lend us her voice and played cello, david played his e-viola, stefan his double bass, chris his studio, delphine and howool danced and isis told us a poem...

performances with stefan fraunberger (out), howool baek (dance), delphine kini mae (dance), benoit martin (videoprocessing), ivana primorac (bass), tim blechmann (pnpd) ,susanna gartmayer (bassclarinet), christian weber (double bass).


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st.jakob, ferenc-fricsay-strasse 8, nomadic-light, larsstigler, glim, dronerecords, deep listening, openmusic, gerhard daurer, elak, rhiz, krupsgruber, copyleft, klingtorg, kunstharzlack, ingeringsee, nightwalks, tunnels, reverb, wolfgangmusil, guentherrabl, manuelknapp, nonvisualobjects, stefan fraunberger aka adschi azvaz truv, gründrekorder, resonance fm, velak, teufelsberg, lucid dreaming, ...


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