"exhumierung im burgenland" 2005 (6'53'')


"exhumierung im burgenland" is a radioplay arranged and performed by daniel lercher and peter kutin; the material are field recordings and different stories told by various people - recorded at a movie-set at a cementary in bildein, a little village of about 300 inhabitants in the burgenland close to the border to hungaria. people have a very strong accent there, so it doesn´t matter if someone doens´t understand the words. it´s all about how the words / the language sounds for itself and not about syntax.

the voices appearing are those from an undertaker and his wife, people from the film crew and a very old guy....

strangely it was nominated for best short-lenghed-radioplay 2006 by Austrian Radio station OE1, amongst 9 other "classical" works - of course it couldn´t make it to the first place...maybe too dark?