Giza é ruh is a music-/soundethnological project
by kutin peter, lercher daniel & wilding barbara

they travelled through various spots of northern india for 3 months, doing field-recordings, always seeking for sound, music & musicians

the recordings include
- religious music / ceremonies by buddhist, muslim, hindu and sikh culture
- traditional music & instruments from tibet, ladakh & northern india
- soundscapes (the natural enviromnment, the massive collage of noises from india´s capital delhi, the silence that can be found in the himalayan mountain ranges, etc.).
these projects deal with different cultures/areas/social-systems and their concepts towards music, listening, the meaning of sound for their everyday lifes.
based on a fascination to take the time to listen to each other.

there will be various radio-broadcasts, live-presentations, a cd-release and sound installations


online - release kh004
on khora - netlabel for phonography can be downloaded here >>>

youtube-video of the opening concert at ESC graz / 16th of May 2008 >>>

stills of the sound/video - installations :
ESC Graz, culture center >>>
LIQUID MUSIC Festival 2008 >>>


>>>audio-excerpt#1 (kullu-valley / sherpas talking & singing)

>>>audio-excerpt#2 (rewalsar / buddhist novices praying)

>>>audio-excerpt#3 (leh - bazar / muezzin / thunder from
____________________dharamsala / transformed buddhistic bell)

>>>audio-excerpt#4 (dawn in rewalsar sikh prayer/ wakkah: nons praying)


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_giza é ruh - dates :

04.12.07 daniel & peter are part of the phonographie ensemble that performs @ "shut-up & listen festival 2007"
they will use fieldrecordings from india
03.02 - 17.02.08 various broadcast by several european radiostations due to viennese radio orange´s programm"radia"
28.02.08 "giza é ruh" - live presentation @ weltcafe / vienna
27.04.08 "giza é ruh" broadcasted on kunstradio OE1
16.05.08 "Giza é ruh" live concert @ ESC / graz
as well the opening of 2 soundinstallations
17.05 -
"Giza é ruh" soundinstallations
(one of them is realised for public space)
@ ESC Graz
03.07 - 05.07.08 "giza é ruh" - sound/video- installation
@ liquid music festival / judenburg
04.07.08 "giza é ruh" live concert @liquid music / judenburg
tba soon "giza é ruh" broadcasted on
resonance fm - framework
27.01.09 Peter Kutin gives a lecture and presents the projects "áttinar" and "giza í ruh" @ the l´université concordia / class for electroacoustic music , Montrel, Canada >>>
april 09 online release kh004 / khora- netlabel for phonography (UK)
3 selected field-recordings on the under creative commons.
download release and info here >>>>
20.05.09 "giza é ruh" broadcasted on
VPRO: Cafe Sonore (nl)
may 09 the collection of these recordings will be comitted to the phonogrammarchive vienna , for public access and use of studies etc...