áttinar is a music-/soundethnological project
by kutin peter, lercher daniel & florian kindlinger

the recordings have a focus on bioacoustic soundsources as well as on traditional icelandic music, which has a very unique history and form.
iceland has been a very isolated country before communication & media developed quickly in the 20th century.
in such environments, with only little culrural exchange, very unique forms of music were developed and can still be found if you know how to find them.
the himalayan regions where we did fieldstudies and recordings in 2007 were (and still are) an isolated space as well.
these projects deal with different cultures/areas/social-systems and their concepts towards music, listening, the meaning of sound for their everyday lifes.
based on a fascination to take the time to listen to each other.

the material we recorded will be presented in various radio-broadcasts, live-presentations, cd-releases and sound installations.
these forms are accomplished by editing the recorded sounds.
this is realized compositionally rather than literally, eventhough there is an ecological aspect too - in terms of acoustic ecology.

>>>documentation of video-/soundinstallation

the project was funded by the "Land Steiermark" und the Ministry for Culture and Arts Austria.

listen, see & some links:

>>>listen to the radioplay created for radiacustica (Cz)

(by daniel lercher)
>>> prgamm on resonance FM


dates :

26.09.08 island - soundinstallation and concert @ schmiede hallein
24 + 25.10.08 radioplay broadcast on "radioacoiustica" (Cz)
07.11.08 áttinar 6.1 soundprojection @ EuCue Festival XXVII @ l´université concordia, Montreal, Canada
14.10.08 attinar 4channel soundprojection @brut/konzerthaus_vienna
30.12.08 attinar 6channel soundprojection @ canaan-festival_
new zeeland
02.12.08 attinar videoinstallation @ brut/kuenstlerhaus_vienna
tba. Island soundinstallation + concert @ ESC Graz
27.01.09 Peter Kutin gives a lecture and presents the projects "áttinar" and "giza í ruh" @ the l´université concordia / class for electroacoustic music , Montrel, Canada
april 09 the collection of these recordings will be comitted to the phonogrammarchive vienna , for use of studies etc...
17.05.09 attinar is broadcastet on framework / resonance FM / London UK - the programm was currated by I8U